Kicking Off

Times Square Takeover

Last September, our 10th year of rides kicked off with an all-day celebration in the heart of New York City. Throughout the day, nearly one thousand riders took Times Square by storm—and we were live on
Good Morning America!

Watch the time-lapse video

"Love is On"
Million Dollar Winner

Thanks to supporters like you, Cycle for Survival won Revlon’s “Love is On” Challenge, by raising the most money for our cause. Every dollar of Revlon’s $1 million grand prize is now funding innovative studies in gynecologic cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK).

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Decade Riders

In 2007, Jennifer and Dave Linn founded Cycle for Survival at one Equinox cycling studio in NYC. Ten years later, 79 participants were honored as Decade Riders for their outstanding commitment. We look forward to welcoming new Decade Riders in the coming years!

See Decade Riders

Decade Riders

December Challenge

In December, we raised more than $1.2 million to fund a new Liquid Biopsy System at MSK. Teams who reached $1,000 per-bike by December 31 were commemorated with a display of their team’s name next to this “game-changing” technology. Liquid biopsy is less invasive and more comprehensive than traditional methods—allowing doctors to quickly observe a patient's response to treatment.

December Challenge

smartwater Match

In the final four days of the year, our official hydration sponsor matched $150,000 in gifts. That generosity even inspired another donor to match an additional $150,000!

New York
Stock Exchange

Marianne Lake, CFO, JPMorgan Chase, rang the New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell on February 26 alongside Cycle for Survival and riders from Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Ernst and Young, smartwater, and our founding partner, Equinox.

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10 research breakthroughs from MSK

Research Breakthroughs

This year, we highlighted 10 impactful
discoveries in cancer research, which were made
possible by riders and donors like you.

Million Match Challenge

The Crimson Lion / Lavine Family Foundation once again inspired our community by matching up to $1 million in gifts from February 22 - March 6 (including gifts directly to 35 teams that heavily increased their fundraising this year!)

Founding Partner Commitment

Thank you to our incredible founding partner, Equinox. Cycle for Survival would not be possible without Equinox and their amazing leadership, instructors, employees, and members.

In 2016, Equinox continued to go above and beyond. In addition to hosting the rides, they live streamed the Times Square Takeover in all of their clubs, and they created a series of “Battle Cry” videos. These videos highlighted why their members and employees chose to ride. Equinox also launched the first ever Cycle for Survival Cycling Challenge, and, in February, donated the initiation fee for every person who became an Equinox member!

Battle Cry moments

Battle Cry Moments

Hear inspiring speeches and personal
stories from rides across the country.

Official Apparel Sponsor

Official Hydration Sponsor


ICAP Match

A $500,000 match led by ICAP in January doubled select funds for rare cancer research!

Empire State Building
$100,000,000 Celebration

To celebrate both the 10th year of rides and having raised more than $100 million, the iconic NYC skyscraper glowed orange on March 11.

The Empire State Building image® is a registered trademark of ESRT Empire State Building, L.L.C. and is used with permission.

Times Square Billboard

The thousands of supporters who donated the day we surpassed $100 million had their names displayed on a massive Times Square Billboard.

See the billboard of scrolling names

Late Night with
Seth Meyers

We are proud to have Seth Meyers as a longtime supporter in this fight. From helping us light the Empire State Building, to giving Cycle for Survival a shout out on his show, and motivating riders at the event—we are grateful for his support!

Watch the segment

West Coast Challenge

NorCal and SoCal went head-to-head in a friendly fundraising challenge. While NorCal took an early lead, it was SoCal riders in West LA, Irvine, and South Bay who helped secure a $200,000 gift from the Brian and Joelle Kelly Family Foundation.

Event Snapshots

Curious to see what the events looked like in different locations across the country? We’ve posted photos from each ride.

MSK Rides With Us

MSK’s leadership, physicians, scientists, nurses and staff are some of our most dedicated supporters. Last year, 115 committed doctors and researchers and 200 teams led by MSK employees participated.

2016 Recap - MSK

Social Media Impact

#CycleforSurvival trended as one of Instagram’s top national hashtags, and we debuted Facebook Live giving our fans a real-time look at our rides as they were happening!


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2016 Recap - Social Media Impact

Finishing Strong


Thanks to you, the 2016 events were remarkable. But we won’t stop fighting until we beat rare cancers. Let’s continue the fight together.