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December Challenge

Help raise $1.5 million by December 31 to fund supercomputing equipment that will unlock the power of genetic data—and bring more personalized treatments for patients.

The Need for Supercomputing Equipment

Everyone’s cancer is unique, and a patient’s genetic DNA provides key insights into what caused the specific cancer. Doctors use this knowledge to provide better, more customized treatments.

Today's newest technologies are generating vital information faster than ever before—sequencing tumors to reveal the genetic makeup of a patient’s cancer. Cycle for Survival supporters have funded some of these technologies during past December Challenges.

With your help, there is now a massive influx of data that comes with a big need: Interpreting and analyzing trillions of data points to uncover patterns impossible to find with the human eye.

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December Challenge 2016 - 60,000

In 2014…

Cycle for Survival supporters funded a next-generation DNA Sequencer. This technology sequences hundreds of genes simultaneously and has led to a reduced turnaround time in the lab.

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December Challenge 2016 - 6,500

Last year…

Supporters came together to fund a transformative Liquid Biopsy System. This method identifies cancer DNA in a more comprehensive and minimally invasive way: a simple blood sample.

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December Challenge 2016 - 2,800


The more genetic data researchers receive, the more computing power they need to help generate the crucial insights that lead to better treatments for a wide range of cancer patients—not just at MSK, but also worldwide.

With this supercomputing equipment, researchers can find answers to questions that human analysis can’t solve. These high-powered machines have the potential to significantly accelerate the development of cancer therapies.

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Supercomputing Equipment


A cluster of interconnected computers that work together as one high-powered unit to analyze large volumes of data.

Get Your Name in the MSK Lab by Helping Us Meet the Challenge

Riders who raise $1,000 on their personal fundraising page by December 31 will have their name displayed in a Memorial Sloan Kettering lab!

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