How Cycle for Survival Works

People from across the country — cancer survivors, patients, caregivers, Memorial Sloan Kettering doctors, researchers, and their supporters — ride together on stationary bikes to raise money to fight rare cancers.

Step 1: Register


Start a Team

Team captains reserve 1-4 bikes for their team. Team members ride relay-style, sharing each stationary bike for four 50-minute cycling sessions.


Join a Team

Get invited by a team captain and register with the team password. Each bike can have 4-8 riders, and the minimum fundraising requirement is $1,000 per bike.


Go Extreme

Rather than ride with a team, register your own bike for four hours! The minimum fundraising requirement for Extreme riders is $4,000.

Step 2: Raise Money

Step 2

Raise Money

Aim high! 100% of the money raised funds cancer research led by Memorial Sloan Kettering. Discoveries made at MSK benefit people fighting rare cancers worldwide. Need help? Use these fundraising tips to get started.

Give to Your Ride

Give to Your Ride

Kick off your fundraising by donating to yourself. It’ll encourage others to follow your lead and support you.

Start Fundraising Early

Start Fundraising Early

The earlier you begin fundraising, the more time you’ll have to speak with friends, family, and colleagues about why your ride matters—every dollar counts.

Customize Your Page

Customize Your Page

Share your story. Tell potential donors why raising money for rare cancer research is important to you. 

Step 3: Ride


Step 3


Event day is a celebration of the money raised and the progress you make possible. Thanks to our founding partner, Equinox, events are held nationally in January, February, and March. No training is necessary to ride—pedal hard or hardly pedal!

Find a Location

Find a Location

Events are held in 16 cities from coast to coast.

Pick a Shift

Pick a Shift

Each shift is four 50-minute cycling sessions led by Equinox Instructors.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Create Your Own Fundraiser

If you don’t live near a ride, you can host any type of event to raise money.

Step 4: Research


Memorial Sloan Kettering

MSK treats over 400 subtypes of cancer, is consistently recognized as a top hospital by U.S. News & World Report, and placed first among all cancer centers in the world for high-quality research.


Research and Clinical Trials

Donors and riders have raised $221 million since 2007, funding 100+ clinical trials, research studies, and major initiatives. A record-breaking $39 million was raised from the 2018 events alone.


More Options for Patients

Innovative studies, new technologies, and breakthrough clinical trials are accelerating progress in the fight against rare cancers. This will lead to better treatment options for patients worldwide.