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Basic Information

What is Cycle for Survival?

Cycle for Survival is the movement to beat rare cancers. We are proud to be part of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 100% of every dollar supports pioneering research and lifesaving clinical trials within six months after the close of fundraising each year.

What is Memorial Sloan Kettering?

Founded in 1884, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center. The close collaboration between doctors and researchers is one of its greatest strengths — ensuring that drugs and therapies developed in the lab can be quickly transformed into treatment options that will benefit people with cancer worldwide.

What is a rare cancer?

About 50% of people with cancer have a rare cancer. Rare cancers include brain, pancreatic, ovarian, and stomach cancers; all types of pediatric cancers; and many others. Even though they account for about half of all cancer diagnoses when combined, research on many rare cancers is drastically underfunded, often leaving patients with limited or no treatment options.

Who benefits from the funds raised by Cycle for Survival? How much money goes to cancer research?

Cycle for Survival has raised more than $320M to help fund rare cancer research led by Memorial Sloan Kettering. 100% of the money raised supports innovative clinical trials, research studies, and major research initiatives. Doctors and researchers who have received funding credit these resources for making groundbreaking discoveries possible — advancing vital research where little to no funding existed — to benefit patients around the world. Learn more about what Cycle for Survival funds.

How quickly does funding from Cycle for Survival translate to research?

Cycle for Survival funds are allocated to pioneering rare cancer research studies and clinical trials within six months after the close of fundraising each year — dramatically reducing the time it takes for donations to become discoveries, and ultimately better treatments for people with cancer.

What is the tax ID number?

Cycle for Survival is fully owned and operated by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). MSK’s 501c3 tax identification number is 13-1924236. Your gift to Cycle for Survival is 100% tax-deductible. You will receive a confirmation receipt via email after submitting your donation. Please save this email receipt for your tax records. For all gifts made by check, you will receive a written acknowledgment in the mail. 


How long does it take for gifts to be processed and counted toward my fundraising total?

Online donations are processed automatically and immediately applied to your fundraising total. Gifts made by check or money order are processed and applied to your fundraising total within 72 hours of being received by Cycle for Survival.

How can I raise funds for Cycle for Survival?

There are many ways to raise funds for Cycle for Survival. Start by logging into your Dashboard to customize your fundraising page. Asking potential donors for support will be more effective if they understand why you're riding!


Also, join our social communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to share updates with friends and family.


We encourage you to set your goals high and raise as much as possible! Remember that every dollar goes directly to rare cancer research.


Please note: Funds raised for all Cycle for Survival events must come through your online Cycle for Survival fundraising page or by check/money order payable to Memorial Sloan Kettering. Donations from a third-party fundraising site (e.g. Active, Crowdrise, etc.) cannot be counted towards your fundraising requirement.

How do I know if my company has a matching gift program?

Many companies have programs that match the charitable contributions of their employees. This can double and sometimes triple the amount of a donation, at no additional cost to the employee — a great way to increase your impact! To find out if you or your donors work for a company with a matching gift program, check out our matching gift page..

Please mail completed matching gift forms to: 

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Attn: Matching Gifts, Office of Development
P.O. Box 27106
New York, NY 10087

When sending your check, please be very specific as to whether your matching gift should be counted toward an individual or team. Helpful information to include with your check is the participant’s full name, their team name, and the city where they are participating.

Gifts made by check will be processed and applied to your fundraising total within 72 hours of being received by Cycle for Survival. Matching gifts are not posted until all of the necessary paperwork is completed by both the employee and the company, and received by Cycle for Survival.

Are there sponsorship opportunities for my company?

Yes! If you work for a company that might be interested in sponsoring Cycle for Survival, please contact us for more information. Custom opportunities and packages are available.

Can the funds I raise through Cycle for Survival apply toward a preexisting fundraising pledge at Memorial Sloan Kettering?

No. If you have made a pledge to Memorial Sloan Kettering, the funds raised through Cycle for Survival may not be applied toward fulfilling that commitment. However, it is possible to establish a pledge through Cycle for Survival. Please contact us at cycleforsurvival@mskcc.org or 888-72-CYCLE for additional information or to discuss your interests.

Can I create a Facebook Fundraiser for Cycle for Survival?

Yes, you can connect your Cycle for Survival fundraising page to a Facebook Fundraiser. Visit your Participant Center to get started!

When will fundraising close for the season?

All 2023 fundraising pages close on June 15, 2023.

Will I have access to my personal page, team page, and Dashboard?

Yes, you will have access to update your personal and team pages, plus the Dashboard. There you can update your page information, your goal, and track your donations and donors.

Can I create a national team page?

Yes! We would be happy to work with you and your team to create a national team page or an umbrella page that combines multiple teams or individuals to show collective fundraising. Please contact your market manager to get this set up.

Will there be a leaderboard and the same competitive nature with regard to fundraising?

We’ll continue to provide match and challenge opportunities and encourage coming together as a community to raise critical funds for rare cancer research with the use of fundraising leaderboards. 


How do I make a gift to an individual or team?

It’s simple to donate to Cycle for Survival in support of an individual or team. You can make a secure online donation using a credit card or use our mail-in form to make a gift. Click here to search for the individual or team you wish to support. While your gift will immediately be credited to the individual or team you specify, it may take up to one hour for your online donation to be accurately reflected on the fundraising page. If after one hour you do not see the gift displayed correctly, please contact us

Where do I mail checks given to me by donors?

All checks should be made payable to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Simply print and fill out our mail-in form, enclose it with your check, and mail to the appropriate address below, depending on the mailing service.

Cycle for Survival
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
P.O. Box 27432
New York, NY 10087-7432

FedEx or UPS:
JPMorgan Chase
Lockbox Processing MSKCC #27432
4 Chase Metrotech Center, 7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11245

When sending checks, please specify if the gifts should be counted toward an individual or team. Helpful information to include with any checks includes the participant’s full name, their team name, and the city where they are participating. A check may take up to 14 business days to be reflected in online fundraising totals.


How can I obtain a copy of my receipt?

Please contact us at cycleforsurvival@mskcc.org or 888-72-CYCLE and one of our team members will be able to help you.

How will my donation appear on my credit card statement?

Online gifts supporting Memorial Sloan Kettering (including Cycle for Survival donations) will appear as “MSK 855-718-4054” or "MSKGiving 855-718-4054" on your credit card statement.

My Account

I’m a registered participant and I’m having trouble logging in. Can you help?

Double-check that you're entering your username and password correctly. Remember, your password is case-sensitive. If you're having other issues logging in, please check out our page identifying common login issues. Contact us if you continue to have trouble.

I can't remember my password. What should I do?

You can reset your password here.

What information should I post on my individual and team fundraising pages?

Customize your team and individual fundraising pages by sharing your story and why you’re raising money to fight rare cancers. This helps boost your fundraising success, showing potential donors why your ride is important!


Please note that all customized content, photos, and videos are subject to Memorial Sloan Kettering’s review and approval. If you plan to include personal information about other people on your fundraising page — including family members or friends whose lives have been touched by cancer — please be sure to consult with them first, in case they have concerns about seeing such information made public.

I’m having trouble uploading my photo to my fundraising page. Can you help?

Double-check to make sure that the photo is a jpg file and no larger than 4 MB. All uploaded images will be resized to fit in a 300-x-400-pixel space.

Can I register myself and other people using the same email?

Our website allows an email address to be used only once for each city’s events. If you would like to register for events in more than one city, you will be able to use the same email address across those events.

Signature Events

Where will events be hosted in 2023?

Cycle for Survival signature rides will be held in outdoor locations and select indoor locations across the country. You can view all locations here.

Will bathroom and locker rooms be available?

Bathrooms will be available at all locations. Locker rooms and showers vary by location.

With rides outdoors, what happens if there’s bad weather?

All events will take place rain or shine. If necessary, tents will be used when possible. Any changes to our event schedule due to severe weather will be communicated to participants.

Virtual Event

What is the Virtual Event?

The Virtual Event will kick off on Saturday, April 15 at 12:00pm ET with a digital tribute wall, inspiring videos, and more! Beginning Monday, April 10, virtual event participants will gain access Cycle for Survival classes on Equinox+. These classes will be recorded and accessible through Sunday, May 7. You must register by Wednesday, March 22 to receive access to the Equinox+ classes.

I’m not an Equinox member or Equinox+ subscriber. Can I still participate?

Yes! Equinox will generously provide all registered Virtual Event participants with access to Equinox+ for the duration of the Virtual Event. You must register by Wednesday, March 22 to receive access to Equinox+. 

Do I need a stationary bike to take part in the virtual event?

Although the Virtual Event livestream will be a four-hour cycling experience, a stationary bike is not required. Participants will also have the option to participate in Yoga, Tabata, Pilates, and Precision Run classes via Equinox+.

That sounds great! If I’m riding in-person, can I tune into the Virtual Event too?

Yes! The full community will have access to a digital tribute wall, inspiring videos, and other virtual activations through cycleforsurvival.org. To gain access to the Cycle for Survival classes on Equinox+, your in-person team must raise at least $1,000. Contact your Market Manager by Wednesday, March 22 to secure your access to Equinox+.

How do I access the Virtual Event?

Keep an eye on your email! We will send all registered Virtual Event participants instructions for how to access the Virtual Event on both cycleforsurvival.org and Equinox+.