How Your Company Can Support Cycle for Survival

Join your colleagues for a fun and inspiring event and make a tangible difference for people with rare cancers. Register for a Cycle for Survival event and build your team. Your company can also become a corporate sponsor. All funds raised support rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK).
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Unite with your colleagues

When you and your coworkers join Cycle for Survival, you’ll work together as a team to support rare cancer research at MSK. You can even bring together fellow employees from across the country.  

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We can each do our part to fund rare cancer research. It means the world to me to be part of a company like Standard Industries that supports these efforts.

–Dorit C., Standard Industries

See how companies support us

More than 1,000 companies have participated in Cycle for Survival events with teams of colleagues riding together in support of rare cancer research at MSK. Learn more in the video below.
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Start a team

Recruit coworkers to beat rare cancers

The more people you recruit, the more funds you can raise
Channel your passion into progress for a lifesaving cause. You and your coworkers can choose from locations across the country for in-person rides, participate in a virtual event, or start your own fundraiser. There is no fee to register, and a Cycle for Survival staff member will guide you along the way.
National teams

Got teams in multiple offices?

Join together to support rare cancer research
You can start teams at all of your office locations. They will be connected on one national team page that shows total fundraising from every team or event associated with your organization. Teams not located near an in-person event can participate in a virtual event.

Corporate sponsors

Become a corporate sponsor
If you want to elevate your company’s impact on rare cancer research, consider becoming a Cycle for Survival sponsor! You can sponsor a match or challenge, be the presenting sponsor of a ride, sponsor your employees’ participation, and more. Our staff can help you.

The impact of Cycle for Survival funds

Cycle for Survival funds have supported the development of novel immunotherapies, an investigational pancreatic cancer vaccine, a new brain tumor treatment, and more. 100% of every dollar raised supports rare cancer research at MSK, where groundbreaking discoveries are making a real difference for people around the world.

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Treating a deadly cancer
Treating a deadly cancer

An investigational personalized mRNA vaccine prevented the recurrence of pancreatic cancer in some patients. With support from Cycle for Survival, researchers continue to assess vaccines to treat people with rare cancers. 

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Slowing brain tumor growth
Slowing brain tumor growth

Foundational research funded in part by Cycle for Survival led to the first novel treatment for early-stage glioma in more than 20 years. The oral drug vorasidenib significantly slowed glioma growth in some patients. 

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More ways to make a difference

There are many great ways to support rare cancer research at MSK through Cycle for Survival.
Sign up for a ride
Start a team with friends, family members, or colleagues, and ride together at one of our stationary-cycling events. No cycling experience is needed! You can pedal hard or hardly pedal.
Know someone participating in Cycle for Survival? Search for an individual or team and donate to their fundraising page, or give to our General Fund. Every dollar fuels rare cancer research at MSK.
Join the Leaders Circle
Leadership gifts of $10,000 or more from individuals, families, and foundations are essential in the fight to beat rare cancers. Generosity at this level accelerates progress tremendously.
Start your own fundraiser
Organize a fundraising event or create an online fundraising page. Every dollar you raise will fuel the next generation of breakthroughs in rare cancer care.
Cycle for Survival is here to help.
If you need any help, please reach out to our team or to your Cycle for Survival contact. We are happy to answer any questions you have about fundraising, participating, or donating.
Cycle for Survival