Decade Riders

In celebration of our 10th year of rides, we're excited to launch Decade Riders with the incredible people who rode in 2007 and have been on the bike every year since. We look forward to welcoming new Decade Riders each year as more participants hit this exciting milestone.

"I often think about each and every one of you - the small group who rode together in 2007 in that sweaty cycling studio at Equinox Columbus Circle and has been riding together every year since. Jen and I might be the founders, but you, my friends, are the foundation. And that is equally, if not more important to the building of this movement."

Dave Linn
Co-Founder, Cycle for Survival

Martha Clark Ackermann
Wil Ashley
Vishal Bakshi
Kelly Bakshi
Janet Balis
Gustavo Caicedo
John Canavari
Susan Canavari
Samara Cohen
Gregg Cook
Dave Corbett
Deborah Curtis
Tina Daniels
Monique Dash
Michele Finder
Rob Fioretti
Brian Frank
Lauren Frank
Iris Friedland
Ron Friedland
Jessica Friedland
David Gallo
Emily Goldberg
Aline Goodman
Brett Goodman
Len Goodman

Sandy Goodman
Jack Gutt
Serina Hamlin
Paul Hamlin
Wendy Huang
Brett Keith
Julie Klein
Scott Klein
Barry Koblentz
Evan Koblentz
Marc Koblentz
Todd Kristol
Sharon Kristol
Jennifer Lee
Barbara Linn
Beth Linn
David Linn
Eric Linn
Herb Linn
Missy Linn
Vicky Massoud
Wendy Miller
Bob Miller
Heidi Miller
Jake Miller
Kim Miller

Andreas Neumeier
Kat Olin
Rob Olin
Robert Penino
Verdun Perry
Emily Portney
Tina Ripperger
Matthew Ripperger
David Roady
Carol Rossetto
Sorrel Sammons
Alicia Sands
Harry Sardanis
Ted Seides
Jeanne Silberman
Matthew Spielman
Sharon Spielman
Andrew Stern
Karen Sussman Horgan
Marisa Thalberg
David Thalberg
Phil Turbin
Andrea Turbin
Brenda Wilensky
Ian Woodcock
Jordan Wruble